Friday, November 28, 2008

Laptop ku sudah rosak

Aha...since Tuesday...I don't know what happened to my have no mood today, yesterday even maybe tomorrow...Tapi lama sangat tak update kat kuatkan semangat...hmmm. week ni mmg agak bz....ari Khamis ada corse...friday half day course...Husband...takde for one mmg boring...duk umah asyik tgk TV3...boring astro tarak... tarak contest yang lepak jerla...ingat minggu ni nak kemas rumah ku yang bersepah cam gua kelawar..ekeke...harapkan Bolt TV3 tarak rezeki klu tak boleh layan akt ari ahad satu family.....anyway...harap2 nextweek banyak perkara happening berlaku dalam hidupku...wachaa...aiseh hujan lak petang ni

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Malaysia A1 team lost!..

band kontijen Polis Malaysia..mmg ada umph!!
Perarakan before race.

Afiq tido...
A1 race first lap

Last Sunday, I went to Sepang...purposely to watched A1 race....ok...the weather was good and there are so many people ..Since this is first time for me watching the A1 I am really excited (teruja yang amat)...I just bring 3 bottles (medium size) and it's not enough for me and the kids....I have to buy another 3 mineral bottles...but the price really expensive...for small mineral water the price is RM3, soft drink also RM3, nuggets, fries even burger...etc.. cost you RM 5 and above....We sat in-front of podium so we can see clearly the race...especially who's the one leading during the race....Our Malaysia team (Fairuzz Fauzi) for the first three laps he managed to get third place. But unfortunately...something happen...missunderstanding...from pitstop..he enter the pitsop for the end of the race he managed to get no 11..(i think so) get more details go to took some pictures..but unfortunately it's still inside my hubby camera. may be next time...i will upload into my blog

Friday, November 21, 2008

Supermummy is giving away Gin & Jacqie bag for free!

the creator of Gin & Jacqie IS Jacqueline Ng from Malaysia (proud of it :) ). I deserve a super lovely Gin & Jacqie bag because....kenapa saya layak....banyak sebab musabab kenapa fikir saya layak....ok...pertamanya....saya dah lama tak tukar beg...buruk jer beg lama...keduanya saya tengah berjimat....simpan duit dalam tabung...hehehe...untuk masa depan...ketiga saya tak pernah dapat hadiah beg walaupun dari husband sendiri...sedey...sedey....keempat..saya memang menghargai hadiah dan pemberian orang lain berbanding dengan saya beli sendiri... tak tahula apsal...but..I really appreciated it...keenam...kenapa saya berminat sangat dengan beg Gin & Jacqie...kerana ianya buatan Malaysia yang sememangnya dibanggakan...Bukan senang nak menempatkan nama di persada antarabangsa...terutama fesyen....

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sumo n my hubby many times I watched this movie clip...Even the recording is not really good (bukan amatur)...but it's really remind me that memory...bergusti dengan husband...anyway..saya banyak jatuh bukan kerana tak kuat...saja malas nak tunjuk hebat....wachaa....

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Me, my kids and Aquaria

Me and the kids we have fun at Aquaria. This is our first time to Aquaria. There so many fishes. Even the place look so small. But it's really nice to spend your time especially with the kids at Aquaria. Afiq...syok sangat tengok ikan tuhhh...langsung tak tengok kamera...bachaakk

OHHhhhhh CLA

I just know about CLA yesterday evening... This morning I thought it's not to be late to study last minute but son still sick...huarghhh.... feel bad...I sit for the exam and try to do as best as I can. Meet Kak Ana, Hadi and Seema at reunion...sedey..sedey..almost 2 months never seen them... I really miss my colleagues...Back to CLA exam, this is the third time I took this paper, I just passed last time. Hopefully time I can get better resulut even I didn't study and prepared at all...hehehehe....

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A1 tickets for free

Huhh... just come back from collecting A1 tickets from NST. It's so difficult to get parking there. I'm so tired and exhausted. Since last night my youngest kid had very strong fever. And it became worst he did not want to take his medicine at all..I have to push hardly and put into his kejeam ke...Literacy class ok so far's really need my full effort to make that class more cheerful....not bored....Back to tiacket this weekend I will stay with my youngest baby and the one daughter..The rest ...hahah of course to Sepang to wathed that A1 race..yeyeyeye...I'm free....hehehe...gratias...had something to :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Friso Brings My Family Out

anaqi and yana participated in drawing contest!
movie carnival at I utama

coking with kid competition

anaqi n yana at BMW F1 exhibition

kids playtime!!

Kids complaining that they're bored? Daydreaming about warm weather fun at the beach? ? Congratulations--you have cabin fever! But fear not, these three best outdoor activities are guaranteed to chase away your family's blues.
  • Go Play Outside!
    With younger children, I've always found it's better to plan many activities that take short amounts of time, rather than say, a long hike on a cold day.

  • Take Your Camera for a Walk
    Record your visit. What catches your eye? A funny sign? A beautiful view? Grandparents holding hands? Snap it. (Be sure to ask people if it's OK to take their picture.) Look for something out of the ordinary; something that could give even the person with you a different way of seeing the same things.

  • Outdoor family activies
    Shooping, hiking, visit your relatives, watching movies etc.

Why family day is important to your children...hmm. Since children are at school all day and parents are at work the best time to do, only weekend or maybe one day a week they should spend time together. When you have time with your kids, you will know what's your kids needed. Through communication, playing games, touching or listening make them happy. Family day doesn't mean that you have to used lots of money. It's just an outing or maybe gathering with you family either indoor or outdoor. For me and husband every weekend is family day. So we spent time all days with the kids. We bring them theme park or zoo or shopping mall. And sometimes we do participated any event at the mall. It's really exciting. like what nuffnang (Friso) did!! activities for family it's really a great idea. This is the way we can meet other family and share so many things. Like tips or maybe gossipping..hehe..To the parents out there...there so many things you can do to make your family happy especially kids...Grats...Happy Family DAy...should be Every DAy...

My First Step...

I dunno what to write especially about myself. But I do like try something new which can make my life more adventure and cheerful. To be a mother for 4 kids and working as lecturer make my day full with commitment. Anyway...I really enjoy what ever I do....huarghh....need to go to class...brb...