Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Satu Malam di KLCC

KLCC dan Align Centerbangunan Maxis pada pukul 9.07 malam

Gambar dari seorang jurugambar kurang amatur..wajah KLCC pada pukul 9.05 malam

3 orang kanak-kanak Ribena posing cun di tepi tasik KLCC

Satu lagi pose...kandid gitu meh

si Hensem ahaks..dah cam org Myammar si Anaqi ni..rambut panjang...

Afig and Mak Yang...boleg didukung after dapat umpan...candy..from mak yang

Yana at one kiosk...heaven of chocolates..
Adik iparku..niena divalicious...ahaks,,,merah jangan tak merah sek..mak tam cantek tak...ayat tipikal padilah pada anak-anak aku..
Ieda Ikang...hahah...ilmuan bab perikanan baguih menuntut dgn dia nih..

So mlm tu kita orang sefamily get gather together bersama ipar duai dari Terengganu jauhnya mari.. dok ingat nak celebrate Christmas aka shopping time sale la ni... so all the ipars...menginap di Hotel Mandarin 5 stars...umah aku taraf mooon jer ni gambar desert yang aku dok menghadap...sedap wey....waffle with ice-cream n fruit...harganya Rm 5.50...murah dan berpatutan...layan....

Kiosk...aku beli desert...

Yang bertopi gagah perkasa...laki aku ahaks...setakat ni aku sorang jer yang cakap dia gagah...hahaha...yg baju merah tu bibik baru ...(org gaji adik ipar) baru datang dari Sumatera...lupalak nama dia...(short term memory- lagi bab2 nama2 pelik2 ni)

Nasi ayam KLCC yang kurang kick!...ntah apa yang special akupun tak tahu..

mee sup...yang biase2 ajer...ko gi kedai mas di Matric ni lagi sedap...

Ok...tu jer kot...entry aku kali ibu2....marilah kita ke KLCC...begitu banyak tempat menarik Malaysia...jom jalan-jalan...cuti-cuti Malaysia (cam pernah dengar jer skrip ni tapi di mana ya)....

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ferrari California

The newest member in the prancing horse stable is one of my favourite cars this year. The Ferrari California (codenamed F149 GT) is a 2+2 hard top convertible and was launch somewhere in the mid 2008 by the boys at Maranello.
The model featured a few firsts for Ferrari which are the first Ferrari with a 7-speed twin clutch transmission, the first with direct injection, the first mid-front mounted V8 powerplant and the first with a folding metal hard top. It’s intended to be the more versatile grand touring sports car than most previous Ferrari.
Both the chassis & body of the car are formed from lightweight Aluminium. It’s also equipped with Ferrari’s F1-Trac traction control system (plus CST stability control) and has been adapted to suit the typical driving conditions expected for this GT car. It manage to swap closed from open (convertible to coupe) in under 15 seconds. That's a lightyear faster than what it take for my wife to prepare me a decent ramen (read Maggi mee). LOL :)

Full specifications are as below.

1) Engine: All-Alluminium 4.3 litre V8
2) Transmission: 7-speed dual clutch RWD
3) Brakes: Brembo carbon-ceramic disc
4) Max Power: 460PS (454bhp) @ 7,500rpm
5) Max Torque: 375lb ft
6) Red line: 8,000rpm
7) Acceleration (0-62mph): < 4s
8) Weight: 1735kg
9) Boot capacity: 340litres / 240litres (roof stowed)
10) Price tag: RM 742,400.00 (again, before our exorbitant taxation)

video video


I like: A pretty darn beautiful car with lusty sportiness. The line flow beautifully (the fluidity of the car). A well engineered coupe/convertible that not pretty obvious about it transforming ability. Havenly 'music' fproduced by the large V8 (check the 2nd clip & you'll agree). Hey, it's a Ferrari, how can u hate it? It's an object of beauty. Full stop.

I don't like: You must be a retarded person if you ever want to fit in the rear passenger seat in the coupe mode. Again, the fact that i can't afford it. It's made for rich cats. Sigh.

Friday, December 26, 2008

2008 Maserati Gran Turismo S - Car of the year?

No, this is not some kind of ‘Car of The Year’ award (sorry guys). As a self pro-claimed car enthusiast, I’ve always updated a list of my favourite cars annually and this year one of my choices is the Maserati GranTurismo S (and by the way, it’s really a short list).
Let me begin with a brief introduction of the marque itself. Founded in 1914 by the five Maserati brothers in neighboring Bologna, the company’s history is a series of highs and lows but it always held a lingering reputation among wealthy car aficionados as a status symbol of wealth, prestige, and Italian draftsmanship. Maserati almost entered the extinct list of automobile brands but was saved by Fiat S.p.A. in 1992, Italy’s largest car manufacturer (which also owns Ferrari and Alfa Romeo)
Maserati had launched the GranTurismo sport coupe around July 2007 and after a year gap, the well received model being re-introduced with a new version that was said as a significantly different car. They’ve made modifications, added refinement, created improvement, tweaked, adjusted and then slap an “S” on the enhanced base model. “S” is for Super and IMO it’s a justly deserved approbation.
For something that cost a cool RM 56,000.00 more than its base model, the “S” version offer a boot-lid spoiler, new side sills and Trident-design 20 inch alloys and also a new V8 engine displacing 4.7 litres instead of 4.2 litres. It develops 434bhp at 7,000rpm (24bhp up on the standard version) and 361 lb ft of torque at 4,750rpm (22lb ft more) and this mean the car is the fastest-ever mass-produced Maserati.
The rear-wheel drive beast comes with a Ferrari-designed engine coupled with six-speed semi-automatic gearbox (and of course, don’t forget about that huge Brembo brakes). Start the car and pull the right steering-wheel paddle to engage first gear. From then on, it’s in default "auto" mode. All gearchanges are automatic, with an electronic display showing current gear and engine revs. Switch the "auto" button off, and manual mode is selected, at which point the gearchanges can be control with the paddles (which rotate with the steering wheel). There’s a little button marked “R” on the centre tunnel for reverse gear, and another marked "1" for first gear.
Things will get more meaningful when pressing the “Sport” button while in "auto”. The engine roars change instantly. What was a distant growl from the oval exhaust pipes, muffled by pushing the exhaust gases along a tortuous route that dissipates their energy, becomes a cascade of thunder pouring out of the car when the two pneumatic valves next to the silencers open, giving the gases a sudden escape route. The gearchange, quickens and upshifts take place at higher engine speeds while downshifts are accompanied by a momentary rise in engine revs. Try switching from manual mode while in Sport mode, more exciting things happen. The transmission control system adopts a "performance-oriented gearshift strategy". In other words, your passenger's head (probably my wife’s head in my case) will part company with her neck when hitting an upchange while accelerating.
But the jewel’s in the “S” version’s crown is actually the “MC-Shift” (shown in a little green italics on instrumental dial). Anyone will be hard pressed to catch the GranTurismo S in MC-Shift mode (kinda like warp speed in Star Trek movie). It can only be activate when in Manual Sport mode. First thing first, find an airstrip (seriously dude).Then just floor it (this means getting the revs to 5,500rpm and depressing the throttle somewhere around 80 per cent of its travel). The result is a kick in the lumbar region from the forces of darkness below the bonnet and a mind-boggling shunt up the road which belies the quoted power output figures.
Mark my word; this is truly a super vehicle. A road and driver’s car with style, substance, speed, and sounds equaling total satisfaction. Most importantly it does not drive with assorted mechanical aids and devices, which translated into a great feel of total control, of the operation and engineering of the car. I’m in love.

video video

Full specifications are as below.

1) Engine: 4671cc aluminium-alloy V8 petrol with DOHC & 4 valves per cylinder
2) Max Power Output: 323kW (440hp) @ 7,000rpm
3) Max Torque: 490Nm (50 Kgm) @ 4750rpm
4) Transmission: Six-speed Semi-automatic gearbox
5) Top Speed: 185mph (295kmh)
6) Acceleration (0-100kmh): 4.9s
7) Acceleration (0-400m): 13s
8) Acceleration (0-1000m): 23s
9) Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 4881mm x 1915mm x 1353mm
10) Weight (Dry / Curb): 1780kg / 1880kg
11) Urban cycle consumption: 25.8 (litre/ 100km)
12) Extra-urban cycle consumption: 11.2 (litre/ 100km)
13) Combined cycle consumption: 16.2 (litre/ 100km)
14) CO2 emissions (combined cycle): 387g/km
15) Price tag: from RM 460,650.00 (before being slap with that ridiculous Malaysia car taxes – OTR price, you do the maths)

I like: The fluidity and smoothness of the car’s exterior design. Beautifully design interior i.e the high quality leather, the stitching, the combination of padding and ribbing and smooth swathes, the curvature of the material as it disappears into the car, the sunken brushed-aluminium door handles and (yes) the Bose Surround Sound speaker system. Deep rich sound from the powerplant…

I don’t like: The fuel consumption and the fact that I can't afford one (sigh).

“If I had an absolute extreme life”

As a kid sometimes I do have dream. It's not only to be a good big brother to my siblings. Or...only

Having a nice day..watching my favorite cartoon (Ultraman) and eating Pizza.Or..had

A best moment graduated from Kindergarten and a good time with my good friend.

Actually I love to involve in extreme challenging sport...especially climbing the wall!!
From one step below up to go..up...I feel so excited..

up..and up...

Life is about challenging yourself.. the higher that you want to go..the more challenges that you will meet. It make your life more lively and wonderful.. I hope one day I can climb all the mountains in the world. It's the best thing could happen in my life..


Monday, December 22, 2008


Amir n Afiq bersahabat karib,
Sama lasak sama baik.

Amir..amir saya ada head gear warna hijau
See..see..I'm a baby Ogre...Ohh dear my dad is SHREK!!! hahah
Competition : Who is the fastest me, Amir, tortoise or rabbit
I LOVE you Amir...ops sorry we're not gay..okay

Cooking Class with Chef Harun

Immediately after invigilated Test 1 last Saturday I went to Cooking House at Mont Kiara. I have to attend cooking class with Chef Harun for 4 hours (I won consolation prize: 1 session cooking class + hamper NONA RM50). I didn't expect to win this contest because I sent only 5 bar codes. The chef do the cooking demo n after that we the participants have to try prepared the dishes...hee..he..kacang jehh...see the leg la...hahahaha
Cooking demonstration by Chef Harun

From left Zira, Ayu, Laily and Aireen (we're in the same group)

Aireen show her skill in "goreng sampai garing not sampai hangit"
Ayam Kong Po

Udang masak Toucu

Daging Kamala

Kuah Lodeh Singapura

Prize giving ceremony!! (the best participant haha..yang terror masak-perasan jo lobih)

The winners with the Chef

We finished around 2pm. I am so happy on that day because I learn 4 new recipes. And InsyaAllah one day I will prepared all the dishes that I learn to my family. Thank you to the organizer NONA Products and Chef Harun for your tips in cooking...gratias..

Sleep standing? Possible?

How many of you actually know or see people who can sleep while standing? At least we got one child who can do that... Akid (mengantuk sangat punya kes);

video video

p/s: Perhatian! Stunt dilakukan in control environment i.e car speed slow giler(less than 80km/h), low-traffic volume area & by professional driver (me-hahaha).. so don't do this at home, i mean it's very dangerous to drive while taking video ok. I've stop doing that & tahun depan anak2 semua sumbat belakang & buckle up. No play2 anymore... Kapish?

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tikus besar captured on tape


Besar kan? kan? LOL :)

Friday, December 19, 2008

@@Ultraman VS IronMan@@

Demi menjaga keamanan sejagat dua wira muncul di planet bumi di sebuah famili. Kehadiran mereka tanpa disedari begitu sekelip mata menakutkan sekali. Masing-masing ingin menunjukkan kehebatan siapa lebih gagah dan perkasa. Mampukah Ultraman menewaskan Ironman kerana sememangnya hanyalah raksasa yang menjadi persaingnya. Apakah Ironman berupaya menewaskan Ultraman ynag mempunyai balingan laser dari tangan dan kepala dengan hanya menggunakan ciptaan teknologinya yang sememangnya tidak mendapat kelulusan dari SIRIM. Sama-sama kita nantikan kesudahan kisah dari alam misteri ini penuh mistik yang diluar jangkauan makhluk alam....hahahaha...
video video
Untuk melihat kesinambungan cerita dapatkan CD/DVD original dari pasaran. Tiada tayangan umum..esklusif di Blog yang terpilih sahaja...hahaha

Borneo Bikers Club (BBC)

One evening on a beautiful peacefull road. A few units of man-mover (rumour said being secretly developed by Modenas) had been seen zooming around some remote location.

Specification (agak2 from pics lah):

1)Bodyframe : Underbone type

2)Base materials: Wood (kayu jati & not kayu bakau ok, kena jaga kualiti) plus rubber

3)Front brake: None what so ever

4)Rear brake: Drum (with EBA, EBD, ABC, KFC etc. etc.)

5)Wheels: Two - 8 inch Enkei Racing Series (coupled with Kumho super low profile tires)

6)Acceleration (0-100km/h): Forever (hahaha)

7)Maximum speed: Faster than Afiq but depend on slope inclination, wind speed & rider weight

8)Dry Weight: 40 kg (kalah Siti haha)

9)Maximum load: +- 80kg (berat Maria SharipahOver)

10)Seating capacity: 1 person (about 5 Doctor Evil's mini me)

11)Powerplant/Engine: 2.0 litre i-vTEC engine with Dvvt, vvt-i, klcc & klia (invisible)

12)Force Induction: 2-stage Apexi Turbocharger (also invisible hahaha)

13)Fuel tank capacity: No need (natural power mah)

14)Coefficient of drag (Cd): 0.333 (tested in BMW-Sauber wind tunnel)

15)Weight to power ratio: 9.09 lbs/hp

16)Redline: 6500 rpm

17)Max Power: 193hp @ 5132 rpm (we are talking about serious power here)

18)Max Torque: 225 ft-lbs @ 4219 rpm (as if.. hahaha)

19)I dunno u lah... u think youself LOL
(Latest update: It is believe that the project had been abandon recently because now harga petrol RON97 murah so semua orang boleh pakai fuel-guzzling Hummer balik semata-mata nak gi beli slurpee or kopi old town).
Sekian. Terima kasih.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

@Lunch at OLD TOWN White Coffee@

Again after 5 hours class, i feel so exhausted and tired (haha), me myself and Anaqi went to OldTown White Coffee at Kelana Jaya..for lunch...This time I just want to eat "roti Bakar" the best place to get "roti bakar" and kick coffee are from the Kopitiam...
For drinks - Ice Lemon Tea (for Anaqi) and Hazel Nut Coffee (for me)
Anaqi so 'teruja' in eating

Total for that lunch is...jeng..jeng RM20.45
AHAKS..I will claim from my hubby...heheh..take note DAD!!

::Di Sebalik Tersirat Nama Diri...AHAKS::

A = AYU...haha..
Y = Yakin..tak reti main YOYO
U = Unik, Universal
R = Rajin makan, Rajin tido, Rajin dan Rajin
A = ANGGUN...hahaha
F = Fantastik, Fabulous..kahkah
I = Inovatif (haha perah santan ku ini)
A = Aiseh..Asyik2 A, Astronout (cita2 sblum berusia 6 tahun)
H = Hebat dalam masak Maggi (korang belum rasa, terangkat punya)..kan dad kan...haha

Bercuti di Marriot Hotel

Gangguan dari abang dan kakaknya menyebabkan Afiq tersedar..Cepatlah Afiq nak mandi swimming pool..gitula gamaknya...
Lagak Akid...gaya paling sopan ketika one of the visitor hotel..lupa lak berkenalan.. (teman kan biasanya duk bawah tempurung..ahaks)
Afiq..yang cam excited...nak main air...tapi penakut semacam...Afiq ni prefer bath tub..dari swimming pool..low profile...
Last2 dia dok tepi swimming pool jadi security guard kat pool..nak main air ke tak nak..nak ke tak..nak ke tak...ayoyo
Jomla kat kids so happy..balik dari kolam semua terbongkang tido..dah habis kederat...(kena charge balik bateri utk keesokan hari lagi)..ok time we go to Marriot again ok...hehe..gratias...