Attention to Comp 2students

For those who want me to send the exercises and database. Please reply the comment below. D0n't forget to write your name, matric no, group no and email. I will send to your email on Wednesday (10th dis 2008) onwards. The best if you be one of my blog follower for latest update about subject Comp 2.. TQ


shiny002 said…
Name:Suhaila Roslan
Matric No:075347
Group no:12

Madam, can I ask some questions? When will the test 1 for comp 2 will be held? If possible, can you provide me with the venue also? Thanks a lot :)
tentative date for test 1 is on 20th dis 2008, 9am-10am at AMF...insy by wed i will send the exercises.
hafizmizi said…
NAme:muhd. Hafiz bin Ahmad Tarmizi
matric no:084416
group no:12
already sent exercise n both of you...insyaAllah I will send another exercis
ain said…
NAme:Faizatul Ain Othman
matric no:085313
group no:4
fazrul said…
the said…
Name: Hussaini
Matric No: 081901
Group No: 12
ok done another 3...of there any q' let me know..ok
the said…
Mdm, is Total Orders field in Orders table is empty or the database file is corrupted? If so, could you resend it? My email is
fitri said…
Salam! Madam here is my details :-

Mohammad Fitri Bin Hamzah
min said…
Name : Nur Aminah Fathiah Aminolhuda
Matric No: 085332
Group No : 4
Email :
fai said…
Name: Siti Fairuz bt Kutty Abdullah
Matrix No: 085307
Group No: 4
SuMaiYaH said…
name: siti sumaiyah bt yahya
matric no : 084333
group no:12
witchgurl_128 said…
salam madam...!! not too late to wish u salam aidiladha..

here is my detail

nabila nadzirah
group 10

thanx madam =)

one more,ain,fazrul,fitri,min and fai..they all are from group 10..haha..
mshafizah said…
name:hafizah md hisma
matric no:084235
guess said…
Name:muhammad haiqal nordin
Matric No:081847
Group no:12
syauqi said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
syauqi said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
dear students...since I have no network for three (3) days..So for those still didn't receive my exercise you can get in class.. sorry for inconvenience.

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