“If I had an absolute extreme life”

As a kid sometimes I do have dream. It's not only to be a good big brother to my siblings. Or...only

Having a nice day..watching my favorite cartoon (Ultraman) and eating Pizza.Or..had

A best moment graduated from Kindergarten and a good time with my good friend.

Actually I love to involve in extreme challenging sport...especially climbing the wall!!
From one step below up to go..up...I feel so excited..

up..and up...

Life is about challenging yourself.. the higher that you want to go..the more challenges that you will meet. It make your life more lively and wonderful.. I hope one day I can climb all the mountains in the world. It's the best thing could happen in my life..



osh said…
wes suruh anaqi study... dah2... asyik memain je ngan awak...
hhahaha..chaiyok2...dia pesan dedet dulu start study bila form 5....dia pun cam tu gaks...

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