Announcement: Mid Term Exam IFM2223

Date: 7th January 2009
Time: 8pm - 9.15 pm
Venue: Lecture Hall A


An introduction to organization of Information.
Information Concepts
Benefit of utilizing information
Islamic perspectives of information and knowledge.

Information Systems: Concepts and Management
Information concepts and definition.
Types of Information Systems
Managing Information resources

Computer Hardware.
How a computer works
Input and Output Technologies

Computer Software.
Difference between Application and System Software
Types of Application Software

Network Computing
Types of Networks
The Internet and World Wide Web
Network Applications

Information today
Quality vs Quantity
The Knowledge Spectrum

Characteristics of valuable information
Searching information.
Types of information
Power of information

Information Management
Information professionals
Institutions involved in organizing information
Historical development of classification

Organizing information
Dewey Decimal
Library of Congress
Format of recorded Information



osh said…
takde soklan bocor?
soalan bocor after exam...ahaks

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