Lunch @ Restoran Sri Chin Thai

Restoran Sri Chin Thai is located at Hicom Glenmarie Industrial Park (near CSR factory-Stadium S.A, batu tiga). A nice place (sorry i've forgot to take the restaurant pics), been there a few time. The foods very nice. Anyway, just coming back from having lunch with 2 of my old clients (who's now my friends LOL). A simple lunch (3 adults);
1) Steam Cod = 1 slice
2) 4 type vegie (chinese call it '4 sekawan') = 1 plate (small)
3) Black Pepper deer meat = 1 plate (small)
4) Petai prawns = 1 plate (small)
5) Chinese Tea = 2 glass
6) Mango Juice = 3 glass
7) Nuts = 2 plates

Sorry about Steam Cod pic, dah hampir habis makan baru ingat lupa ambil pic hahaha. Ok, the fish was RM46.00 and the total price was RM144.70 (including 5% tax). Well, not a simple lunch after all hahaha. Tapi puas hati :)


SuMaiYaH said…
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hmm....makan ngan kawan namapak...celebrate besday saya kat sana meh?...
osh said…
kat sana tak romantik la mi... hahahaha..

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