attention....ILG03 n ILG04

Wokehhh new task for Literacy students

1. Find at least ONE website (give the URL) that you find as cybersquatting site. Cannot be the same site as your friend....

2. Go to OPAC IIUM, find three books from Medicine, General and Technology. Get the call numbers and ISBN numbers....

3. Explore Miss Azimah blog and tell me at least 3 things you like about her blog....

4. Name the URL for Centre For Foundation Studies.

5.Go to CFS IIUM Library, find 15 books that categorized under Red spot collections...

Plese do it your own....chaiyok

from your gorgeous lecturer;


madam,this is my link:
Name:Nurul Filzah Md Salih
Matric no:084779
Group: 4
taqie said…
da siap..
dis is my link
Name: Taqiyyah binti Abd. Aziz
Matric No: 084796
Prof Dr Nadiah said…
slm mdm,this is my link:
Name:Nadiah Bte Arsat
Matric no:085274
Group: 4
syafiesza said…
saya dah siap..
dis is my link
Name: Siti syafiesza binti zakaria
matric no:084775
group :4
...edayu... said…
salam,madam this is my link:
name:nooredayu binti zakaria
matric no:084793
group no:4
Cik MoMo said…
madam,my link:
name:nur afiqah said
matric no:084785
Ocean ® said…
mdm ni blog sy.
mohd ridzuan
JisJaw said…
salam madm. I have done........
My link
Name :jawfar mohamed jisan :04
Kaydee said…
salam madam.
I've done ur assignment.

My link
Name :Nur Dhiyana bt Muhamad Nasir :04
syafiqah said…
ktorang dh siap..
this is our link:
Name:Nurul Syafiqah Ahmad(085228)
Fatin Aimi Ghazali(084816)
nabylaa said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
nabylaa said…
name : nabilah bt abdul razak
matric no : 084798
g : 4
link :
erin said…
dah siap da..
this is my link..
Name:Rozaini Bte Roslan
Matric No: 084825
Group :4
mira zati said…
madam i have done my assignment
Name:amira izzati mat rosli
Mtric no:084810
Ayn Nur Azhana said…
mdm,dis is my link:

Ayn Nur Azhana bt Azhar Amanullah
Group 4
shahreyhan said…
salam mdm.
this is my link:
Name:Mohd Azlan Shah b Ibrahim
Matric no:074753
ok guys going to check in count 10..9...0
This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
arief hafidzi said…
link saye mdm..
name:muhammad arief hafidzi
matric no.:084649
ayn n eri...i cannot post comments at your blog..pls check your blog setting ya
Ocean ® said…
silap org mdm... bkn azlan but ridzuan..
tp btol ke link xleh open??
rasa2 boleh jer.. :-/
nanie aziz said…
madam the task given completed!
here is my link,

Name:Nur Hanani Bt Abdul Aziz
Matric No:084679
ohh MADAM I've completed ur task!!

Name:KhairulHazwan bin Razak Ratne
Matric no : 084753
Group : 3
bella said…
madam, my task was complete....
bella said…
NurSabiela Berhanuddin
annisyiba said…
madam ayu..this is my
Name:Annis Nusyaiba bt Azahar
Matric No:084647
farismaimun said…
Assalamualaikum ya Madam...
Maka siaplah Assignment sy nie..
Hatta,inilah link sy..
MATRIC NO:084658
Hafeeza said…
salam mdm,this is my link
nur hafeeza binti mohamed sultan
group 3
matric no. 084665
arief hafidzi said…

mdm,ini link blog saye..

task baru dah complete!!..

bagi la full mark yek..
Haziq Idros said…
Salam, madam.
Mission accomplish!


Name: Muhammad Haziq Idros
Matric no: 084725
Group: 03
wah sudah berlambak hantar..wokeh nanti madam check...
Muqarabah said…
salam mdm..

irma nie..
group 3
Farha said…
Salam, madam..
Name: Farha Bte Hamam
Matric no: 084746
Group : 3
name: ummu khosyatillah bt muzakir
matric no: 084711
Nur ra!han said…
madam.this is my link
name:nur raihan bt mohd suhaimi
matric no:084698
Ayn Nur Azhana said…
mdm, ive changed my comment setting..
do comment my post yea..

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