Happy Birthday Dedet!!!

Today is 18th May...
My loving hubby birthday...

A special day like this
Is the perfect chance to show
That I love you very much
More than you'll ever know

So even when I forget
To say these words each day
Remember that I love you
More than I say

from the one and only your cute wife..hehe


mama zharfan said…
bg hadiah apa kat dedet ;)
cam nak bagi seluar suzz...ahaks...esok ada j-card day kat 1 utama...minyak wangi, jam dah berlambak koleksi dedet dah ada.. :)
Hermit said…
tekiu2... don't waste moneylah Mi.. u know i only like 3 things.. cars, watches & perfumes... kalau jam & minyak wangi dah berlambak so your only option is?... muahahaha
hot wheel ma...bereh ahaks
Hermit said…
ceh, agak dah... seriously Mi, taknak apa2... tapi kalau u nak kasi gak i ada 1 wish... sila nego & slow talk ngan Yuki... ask her if she need to come out, please do it so now.. this week just nice, next week will be a lot buzier.. ok? hehehe
hoho...ii do no u la

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