hmm...haiya..haiya...just want to share..

some goodies/prizes that i received...on the last two week of March 2009..hmm perfume again. I like... because it can help me to save budget of buying perfume every three months...heheh

Disney On Ice from Magnolia 0 early entry (never thought will win since i sent only 2 barcodes)

according to the letter the prize worth RM100, but after collected...the value just like RM50..won frm Intrend Magazine

Disney On Ice (4 VIP tix) with goodies bag under Astro DOI online contest.

telescope n history channel goodies from astro...n voucher the apartment rm50 from Maskulin mag (pow frm sis mag)..heheh

milo-chicky carnival contest - 5th prize (32'inch chicky + 1 bucket kfc vou)

Marley n me-grand prize (win cap n 2 movie tix) under

Street Fighter - first prize (me n hubby won this- so we got 2 sets)
polo shirts male (2), polo shirts female (2), caps, desk calendar, ram-ent movie tixs (4) n tnt kickboxing free classes for 1 month (2)..we're going to send anaqi n yana for this kick each other with amateur skills..
we won from berita harian newspaper

so...sometime WE need to try and have to put an effort to win/get all these stuff..
Be patient n have a great time!!


Tidiey said…
LIZZIE said…
hi there.. wahhh.. totally teruja melihat kemenangan u.. hehe.. *sigh*.. sedihnya i tak cukup masa untuk enter contests lagi.. *sob sob*.. dapat menang pun kecik2 je.. but i'm so happy to see ur winnings.. makes me so excited!
haha...takdela dee...sikit2..tapi seronok juga...bila dapat something...hi lizzie...takpe2...brg2 kecikpun best gak...janji ada dapat hadiah..heheh...
rOse said…
looks like u luv to enter urself to all the contest. wow.. so lucky!
hmm rose...entering contest is one of my hobby...really fulfill my free time...
osh said…
nasib baik tak dapat anak ikut contest gak hahahaha
mama zharfan said…
ur list of prizes never fails to impress lah ayu...may u win more & more!!!
tq suzie ...but u also not bad...esp when u won all the cute-cute things...:)..

ceh dedet!!!

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